Edgy sur glace
Publié par - 2011/03/20

** Désolé, seulement disponible en anglais. ** “There is a completely unpredictable element on ice. There are other people skating, little kids sliding, someone could fall, could crash, anything can happen—who knows what could happen? And there’s a nervousness about this unknown element, but that’s part of the thrill, isn’t it? Otherwise, you would just […]

L’Art de L’Amour
Publié par - 2011/03/17

** Désolé, seulement disponible en anglais. ** “We’re trying to imagine ways that might open people’s minds and hearts. We’re proposing poetic and metaphoric ways about thinking about the problems that humans are facing right now. There are so many different ways to heal our Earth and… Wait, is someone peeing?” There’s a pause on […]

By the end of this week, expect Montreal to get edgier. Not in the obvious, chain-smoking, nervy way people get when they’re stressed, but through fierce, female-driven performance art that will descend on this city for the 18th edition of the Edgy Women Festival, running at the end of the week, from March 19 to […]