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Hi EDGY Blog!

First, I’d like to first extend a Happy International Women’s Day to all the fierce trans/women warriors out there fighting every day for equity and social justice. You do good work and are inspiring to me and many others, today and every day. Thank you.

I’d also like to say what a special opportunity it is to introduce myself to this blog on a day like today. My name is Laura Beeston, and I am thrilled to be bringing discussion about elements of feminist performance art and practice onto this cyber space, and explore both the aesthetic and political aspects of the next few weeks.

This is my second time blogging for the Edgy Women’s festival—running this year from March 15 to April 1—and really couldn’t be more excited to engage with the audience, with the artists, with the concepts that they craft into the work and with the visceral, un-replicate-able moments that exist when you’re talking theatre.

I hope you’re all ready for the ride. As an accessible and radical celebration of women and art, the line up of EDGY Women this year is something to follow. EDGY Zombies, bicycle multimedia art, striptease and cabaret are bill highlights, rounded out by workshops, HOCKEY, public discussions and parties.

Please follow us @edgywomenfest on Twitter (or me at @LauraBeeston), like our page on Facebook, be as vocal as you wanna be in the comments section of this blog to stay engaged with this one-of-a-kind Montreal performance experience.

This festival is about so much more than simply “women” and “art.” For me, it’s about the ideas that come to the table when these elements work together and inspire. This is going to be a good month.

For the love of all things fierce and female,

—Laura Beeston

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