Details and biographies / Edgy Boum

Photographer: Nikol Mikus

April 2nd from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.
MainLine Theatre (3997 St-Laurent)
Tickets: Show 8 pm + Party 9pm: $20 / Party only: $10

Join us for the festival’s closing party – hang out in the lounge, dress up and pose for Nikol Mikus’s photobooth, or get down on the dance floor. Dayna McLeod presents selected works from 52 Pick-Up at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., and hosts a BYOV (Bring Your Own Video) cinema-lounge from midnight on.

Public Photo Booth - Apparently Perverse Pics
with photograph Nikol Mikus and performance artist Alyson Wishnousky

If you had a private photo session… What would you wear? With whom? What would be going on? …Here’s your chance to dress-up in something fantastical. You’re invited to bring your favourite attire, or something courageous you’d never dare to wear before an audience. Or take a pick from the costume tickle truck. Get your Apparently Perverse Pics taken in the Public Photo Booth and set your perversions, peculiarities, eccentricities, and weirdnesses loose. Be captured on camera and then projected as video animations in the venue for Post-Party enjoyment!

Nikol Mikus graduated from Concordia University in Communications, Specialization in Film Production, 1996. Since 1997 Nikol has devoted her time to image-making, filming art videos and photographing performers and fashion models. She completed a Commercial Photography degree at Dawson College (Outstanding Final Portfolio), May 2009. Her photography focuses on the Editorial Portrait. Nikol has been collaborating as videographer/photographer with dancer/choreographer Alyson Wishnousky since 2007. Together they created work in Artist Residencies, for photo vernissages, video festivals and dance performances. Their latest video collaboration will be presented this April at FAT 2010, Toronto’s Alternative Fashion Festival.,

52 Pick-Up by Dayna McLeod
52 Pick-Up is a video production challenge. Equivalent to drawing a sketch-a day or writing a page-a-day, it’s an exercise in endurance with a quick deadline that can be used as an excuse for both brilliance and failure. 52 Pick-Up is meant to stimulate and challenge, excite and ignite viewers and participants alike about video, different ways of working, diverse points of view, and having bragging rights to making one video a week for an entire year. It’s like a Master Cleanse for Video Makers.

Started in January, 2009 by video and performance artist Dayna McLeod, 52 Pick-Up hosts more than 600 videos. Some of the participating artists have included: Dayna McLeod, Alexis O’Hara, Nikki Forrest, Val Desjardins, Jackie Gallant, Alain Goulem, Midi Onodera, mél Hogan, Skidmore, Peter Kingstone, Joey Stevenson, Lex Vaughn, Maureen Grant, Sabrina Ratté, George Stamos, Matthew Forbes, Donna Akrey, Glenn Gear, Amber Goodwyn, Lamathilde, Emily Gan, Erin Sexton, Trevor Aikman and Teodora Zamfirescu.