Publié par - 2012/04/05

“Shame is a lie someone told you about yourself.” Getting to the bottom of this lie is at the crux of this year’s headlining bill Les Demimondes, whose Operation Snatch played at Studio 303 March 30 to April 1. Featuring a veteran Edgy troupe via Toronto consisting of syndicated Montreal Mirror sex columnist Alexandra Tigchelaar […]

A Tale of Two Spectacles
Publié par - 2012/03/25

The U Pop conference is perhaps one of the more engaging, yet under appreciated, parts of the Edgy Women Festival. This is a crime. Today, a dozen or so of us sat around and spoke about what we had seen over the last few weeks, and it’s amazing what you can learn about the choices […]

The Language of Contortion
Publié par - 2012/03/25

“What language is this in?” he asked, sounding almost impatient while waiting in line for tickets. “Is it French? English? It’s a bit ambiguous.” “Neither; it’s contortion. You’ll like it.” Without knowing it at the time, this exchange—heard on the winding stairs of the Sala Rossa before tonight’s Edgy performance In Succube—would truly mark the […]

The striptease isn’t something one might typically associate with an media conference. Nor, perhaps, would you expect the elements of an academic lecture while taking in an exotic dancer. But this unorthodox cross-hair set the scene for Je Baise Les Yeux, an Edgy bill that explores the social mythologies of this timeless dance through the […]

‘Why Waste Life in Friction When It Could Be Momentum?’

Happy IWD Edgy Blog!
Publié par - 2012/03/08

Hi EDGY Blog! First, I’d like to first extend a Happy International Women’s Day to all the fierce trans/women warriors out there fighting every day for equity and social justice. You do good work and are inspiring to me and many others, today and every day. Thank you. I’d also like to say what a […]

We’re warned before the show begins: you might want to get a drink… – – – It starts with a mask glowing on a microphone and a single verse: “They shall see me naked.” After a healthy swig of brandy and a whisper in an audience members’ ear, she puts on the glowing skeleton mask […]

The Edgy extras this year just keep getting better. Take advantage of them, in their affordable (read: free) amazingness, tomorrow afternoon for an artists’ chat with Winnipeg-based theatre team Mia Van Leuwen and Ian Mozdzen at McGill University. I know I’m thrilled to meet and interact with this dynamic duo—very personally as a Winnipegger, a […]

** Désolé, seulement disponible en anglais. ** She introduced herself to me as « anti-cool, » but it wasn’t the woman I’d expected. It wasn’t the unstoppable energy I’d previously witnessed, with long, black hair flying as fast as the arms she threw into the drums. The last time she was in town, she was rocking out […]

** Désolé, seulement disponible en anglais. ** The Edgy Women Festival is pleased to present a Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic for all your sex inquiries… Hosted by radical sex educators and artists Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens—who certainly pleased the sold-out crowd at La Sala Rossa Saturday—this event is both a public service and an […]