Body Resonance, Yumiko Yoshioka
Posted by Studio 303

Teacher: Yumiko Yoshioka (Germany)
Dates: March 27-31 (5 days) • Sat-Wed, 10am to 1pm
Site: Studio 303
Cost: $75 (Emploi-Québec)
Open to all performance artists (actors, dancers, circus artists, mimes).

The Body is a receptacle of time. Through an exploration down to a groundless stage of collective memories in our past, we can strike a vein of abundant resources, enriching the essence of our life. Yumiko helps to activate these forgotten memories in our body by concentrating on our inner core, our Ki (vital) energy and its circulation. Body Resonance is a key to open up the ever-changing world inside and outside of us and to let them dance. Yumiko helps the body open secret doors, extracting the essence from a workshop participant, holding it until it shines and trembles.

Yumiko Yoshioka is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and art director. She was born in Tokyo, and is residing in Germany since 1988. In the early seventies and eighties, she was a member of the first Japanese women’s Butoh dance company, Ariadone. In 1978, she performed with Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda in Le Dernier Eden (in Paris), a first Butoh performance outside of Japan. From 1988 to 1994, she was an active member of German - Japanese dance theatre company Tatoeba – Theatre Danse Grotesque. In 1995, Yumiko founded the art-formation group Ten Pen Chii art labor with visual artist Joachim Manger (Germany). Ten Pen Chii resides at Schloss Broellin (Castle Broellin), International Art Research Location, situated in the former East Germany. Yumiko researches the interactivity between dance, space and visual art, moving away from conventional Butoh dance. She explores new zones in body works and performing arts in her collaborations with other artists. Besides international tours throughout Asia, Europe, Oceania and North & South America, she is an art director of Ex…it! (Dance Exchange Research Project, since 1995 - present) along with delta RA’i, in which more than 100 artists and dance students from all over the world joins.

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