Call for papers

”On the edge of arts, disciplines and gender politics, Edgy Women (is) Studio 303′s annual celebration of boundary-pushing artists.”

- Lina Harper, Montreal Mirror, March 2009

”The Edgy Women Festival pushes performance to its furthest reaches, revealing just how complex and multifaceted women – and society in general, relationships, community, feminism, art itself – really are.”

- Hour, March 2010


We are seeking submissions for :

Edgy Colloque at Studio 303 / Saturday March 8th 2013.

Open to all, Edgy Colloque features presentations, performative lectures and lively exchanges between artists, academics and activists in an unconventional setting: this year, a dance studio. Submissions might include reflections on lived experience, research presentations or proposals for facilitated discussions. In either French or English, participants will generally be allotted 20-minutes, although proposals for shorter or longer pieces will also be considered. We invite you to explore the theme of Feminisms in Transition through the lenses of adaptation, survival, risk and creativity.

Défi Edgy at Sala Rossa / Sunday March 9th 2013.

Défi Edgy is a dynamic cabaret where new projects are seeded and seen by a large audience. Ingeniously hosted by Guizo LaNuit, the Défi Edgy invites eight artists to create and present short works around themes divulged to them only weeks earlier in the form of a gift bag containing a prop, a sound effect, a quote, a time limit and other guidelines.

Practical information:
- $150 honorariums are available for Défi Edgy artists.
- Honourarium funding is unconfirmed for Edgy Colloque participants.
- Only selected participants will be contacted.

To submit your proposal, please consult our guidelines and fill out our form available online.