Tangente X 3 biographies

Performance artist anti-cool was born in Kanagawa, Japan, and has presented in more than 10 countries in the last 8 years. Recent group exhibitions include: Glasgow International (UK), M1 Singapore Fringe Festival at Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), CAFKA05X Industria (Canada), Cultural Studies Wien at Museum Quarter 21 and Platform Kunst for the programme of the Japan-European Union Year (Austria). anti-cool’s works explore how people can conquer the boundaries and rules with which they surround themselves. Through communication with those present, she tries to find solutions in order to break through people’s self-imposed limits.

Leslie Baker’s work is characterized by an interdisciplinary concept, in which she blends heightened corporal expression with image, sound, and text. Her work is articulated through a range of performance states from task-oriented to fully embodied character expression in traditional and in situ performance locations. Leslie has worked internationally as director, teacher, and performer since the 1990’s. [Photo Credit: Logan Curley]

Along with performance work, Narcissister works in many media including collage, sculpture, and photography. In response to her wildly original shows, Narcissister is receiving worldwide recognition as an outstanding artist and performer though the written word, invitations, and awards. In addition being a featured performer at The Box NYC, she has presented work in New York at The New Museum, Deitch Projects, The Kitchen, and internationally at the Music Biennale in Zagreb, in Chicks on Speed’s Girl Monster Festival in Hamburg, at “The Festival of Women” in Ljubljana, and at Warehouse 09, Copenhagen’s first live art festival. www.narcissister.com [Photo Credit: Tony Stamolis]