Biographies Love Art Lab

The Love Art Laboratory project grew out of Stephens’ and Sprinkle’s response to the violence of war, the anti-gay marriage movement, and our prevailing culture of greed and ignorance, which causes the destruction of the planet. It has developed into something much larger than the artists could have imagined. Love Art Laboratory events are symbolic gestures which aim to instill hope, counter fear, and be a call for action to help make the world a kinder, gentler and more loving place.

Annie Sprinkle was a prostitute and porn star for twenty years, then became an internationally acclaimed performance artist and sex educator. She has authored six books, and produced and starred in her own brand of feminist “post porn” films. Much of her work was inspired by her experiences with psychoactive substances, shamanic journeys, tantra and ecstasy breathing. Sprinkle is currently a popular visiting artist lecturer at colleges and universities. She has a Ph.D. in human sexuality. She toured four different one-woman theater pieces about her life to sixteen countries.

Elizabeth Stephens is interdisciplinary artist and activist who has explored themes of sexuality, gender, and feministic politics through art and performance for over 20 years. She is a professor in the Art Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Performance Studies at University of California, Davis.

Born into a traditional Quebec Family, Andreane Leclerc ran away and joined the circus at the age of 9. The National Circus School took her in for a while, but she eventually went on her own way, from festivals to modern and traveling circuses, German cabarets, and conceptual performances. A slight tendency toward existentialism guides this snake-woman through her Master’s Degree in Dramatic Art at UQÀM.,