Contemporary colour theory often associates white with innocence, purity, perfection, and virginity. White is unobtrusive and unaggressive. White pacifies. But there was immediately something unsettling about the tiny white table and chair that Leslie Baker chose for the set of her Edgy Women performance, Fuck you, You fucking Perv! As the house lights came up [...]

The dregs of a Montreal March are long, lightless, beige days punctuated by Daylight Savings Time, which forces us to exchange a precious extra hour of weekend sleep for the promise of brighter mornings and longer evenings, every year. The last few weeks of the month confuse our bodies and our wardrobes as glimpses of [...]

I wrote to Narcissister a few weeks ago. As I anxiously composed a short email, introducing myself and telling her how excited I was to be attending TANGENTE X 3, I found myself confessing: “I am not a performance artist or an artist of any kind, really, but I love to talk about sex and bodies and [...]